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FREE WORLD is international community project created for people interested in global freedom topics. 
We will promote all existing world best technologies, ideas, solutions, organizations which increase people awareness, freedom, knowledge, privacy, security and bring more free choice for all of us.
Free World will also create their own freedom solutions like new apps, tools, websites, technologies, articles, education videos, tutorials with all content related about freedom and Free Future World for all people globally.

FREE – $FR – Cryptocurrency of Free World

FREE WORLD mission is to connect all Free People from all around the World and build together unique and valuable active international community.

FREE $FR (FREECOIN) is crypto currency created for Free World.
FREE is created as multi purpose reward token for our users, by buying FREE you support Free World and also can use it to trade, buy and sell products and services using our Free World Platform.
Worldwide community of Free World will use FREE as their main crypto currency.

FREE – $FR – FREECOIN – Turtle Network Verified DEX Asset ID: 4xUv25qFsjQ1Gd6oCmzU14FoPMSDXrwub5PbKRgETf97
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How to Support Free World?
You can buy FREE – $FR
our own crypto currency by Turtle Network Client DEX, search for pair TN/FREE:
$FR can be exchange to other assets and will be also used to trade, buy and sell products and all kind of services from Free World Community.
You can support Free World by using Brave – innovative, secure and private web browser:
You can send BAT tips to using Brave Rewards.
You can also support us by sending donation to one of our wallets:
TN: 3JjxQZYTdqtwfvAQo8so8wCDr12SSkvq5mF or alias: donation
BTC: 33jX5SF8kkiagnzkDpcHfAkYsVXCMjGjKg
ETH: 0x5d9729e6d34BFc4968af73234c2AB9F8d496a58b
WAVES: 3P5Kk7Q46CeSs5QzQvifZuJjhyPPbHz1uhs

Thank you for all your support!

We creating community for Free People from all around the World.
Join us together in new Free World!

Website is under construction. Please join us on our Official Channels for more information.

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Free World Founder

Polish born, serial entrepreneur and visionary.
Enthusiast of most innovative technologies and solutions for Future Free World for all people.

Experience in IT, web development, international business and innovative technologies.

World traveler.
Japan lover.

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